19 Dec 2014

Pogo Stick History

Are you looking for information on pogo stick history?

The pogo stick is a device that is used for jumping up and down. It was origionally designed as a toy for children and an excericize tool for adults. Today, however, with the invention of high-flying pogo sticks like the Flybar 800, the pogo stick is being used as an instrument for extreme tricks and stunts.

The pogo stick consists of a T-shaped pole with handles near the top of the pole and foot pegs near the bottom. In the middle of the handles and the foot pegs is a spring or set of rubber bands that allow the pogo stick to bounce up and down.

In order to use a pogo stick, the operator places his feet on the foot pegs and his hands on the handles. Then he or she jumps onto the footpegs while thrusting the metal pole up into the air. Meanwhile, the operator must try to stay balanced. When the operator jumps up or presses down on the footpads to compress the spring, the spring becomes fully compressed, and when the operator lifts his weight, this in combination of the recoil created by the pogo stick spring, caused the operator to be launched several inches or feet into the air. This process is then repeated over and over again to create a hopping or jumping action.

It is a legend that the pogo stick was invented when a man by the name of George Hansburg was traveling in Burma and came across a poor farmer and his daughter, Pogo. The farmer couldn’t afford to buy shoes for his daughter, and therefore the daughter couldn’t walk to the temple to pray every day. So the story goes that the poor farmer made a jumping stick for her. Hansburg was so impressed by this jumping stick that Pogo was seen riding that he later went home and created a “pogo stick” of his own.

The truth, however, is that the pogo stick design was in fact created and patented by a man named George B. Hansburg in the year 1919.

When the pogo stick first came out, the Gimble Brothers Department Store in the United States ordered a bunch of the wooden pogo sticks to be imported from Germany. But when the pogo sticks got on the boat, they became warped and rotted and were therefore deemed unusable. The people at Gimble then asked Hansburg to come up with a better design and he did just that at his factory, which he named SBI Enterprises. Big improvements have since been made to the origional pogo stick and now many pogo sticks are capable of launching its operators high up into the air – something regular pogo sticks were not capable of.

Today, back flips and other tricks are now possible on these newer sticks, which has contributed to the growth of the new sport of “stunt pogo” or “extreme pogo”. Yet no matter how many improvements are made to the pogo stick or how many different types are made, the basic design remains the same.

This is the history of the pogo stick. Pogo stick history at its greatest!

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18 Dec 2014

Flybar Pogo Stunt Team -Double Backflip On The Beach

In this video, which was recorded on the beach in the area of the Huntington Beach, California boardwalk area, the Flybar Pogo Stick Stunt Team performs in front of a large crowd of beach-goers. At the beginning of the video there is an impressive 4-person handstand (It’s not really a handstand, I’m just not sure what else to call it. You will have to watch the video to see what I mean.) Then, at around the 6:10 mark, one of the stunt members performs a double-backflip off of his Flybar pogo stick. It looked like they were going to actually try and use a pogo stick to jump over a line of 10 different people, but they didn’t actually end up doing it. On an additional note, the Flybar Stunt Team was recently featured on the Ellen Degeneris TV Show in Los Angeles. I’ll have to try and find that pogo stick video next!

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17 Dec 2014

Fred Grzybowski – Insane Pogo Stick Tricks

Fred Grzybowski has got to be one of the best pogo stick athletes in the world. The tricks he performs on his Flybar pogo stick are both huge and incredible. My favorite trick of his is when he does his double-backflip. It is also very impressive when Grzybowski jumps over automobiles of various types. One wrong move performing a stunt of this type and Fred could be in serious trouble. The mutliple back to back jumps are also impressive. Which of Fred Grzybowski’s pogo stick stunts are you most impressed by?

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16 Dec 2014

Flybar Pogo Sticks

Flybar is the name of a company producing high-quality pogo sticks for the 21st century.

The original creator of the pogo stick was SBI Enterprises, which since first releasing the pogo stick in the year 1918 has sold millions of different pogo sticks. For more than 80 years, the pogo stick design remained princiaply the same. That is, until the year 2000, when inventor and physicist Bruce Middleton approached SBI Enterprises and told them he had a design for a new pogo stick that would revolutionize the definition of the modern-day pogo stick.

Bruce Middleton’s design for the modern-day pogo stick would replace the traditional spring-loaded metal rod with a series of rubber spring elements, which would transform the traditional pogo stick of days gone by into a high-flying modern-day sport.

Soon after Middleton and SBI Enterprises teamed up, they brought on eight-time World Cup champion skateboarder, Andy Macdonald, to help market and promote the new pogo stick design. A lifelong fan of pogo sticks and pogo stick tricks, Andy figured that if someone was going to revolutionize the classic pogo stick toy, he had better make sure he was a part of the project so he could make sure the new design was built to his exact specifications.

Since then, Andy, Bruce and SBI Enterprises have been working together to build the Flybar pogo stick line. The Flybar 800 pogo stick was one of their first mass-market pogo sticks that sold incredibly well and continues to sell very well, even to this day. Now, however, the Flybar line has introduced their latest product, the Flybar 1200, which weighs an additional seven pounds and is capable of launching its rider more than five feet into the air.

Flybar really is reinventing the pogo stick. They’ve not only created a line of products that bring a totally new meaning to the pogo stick, but they are creating a sport, a lifestyle and a brand from the world of high-flying pogo sticks.

The Flybar website is a great place to get started when learning more about the Flybar name, pogo sticks, and additional pogo stick tricks. If you are looking for an incredible, high-flying pogo stick capable of big air and crazy technical pogo stick tricks, then Flybar pogo sticks is the product you want to get.

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15 Dec 2014

Flybar Foam Master Pogo

The Flybar Foam Master Pogo is one of the most popular pogo sticks in the world. The Foam Master Pogo gets its name due to the fact that it is a metal pogo stick covered in foam, so as to protect its rider from any bumps or falls that he or she might take while learning to ride this particular pogo stick.

The Flybar Foam Master Pogo stick, is often times called the Master Pogo Stick or the Flybar Master pogo stick. Either way, they are all pretty much the same product.

The Flaybar Foam Master Pogo stick is a great pogo stick for riders who are age 9 and up. Boys and girls will love this pogo stick because it is a fun way to bounce about and a fun way to get some excerise. The Flybar company sugggests, however, that the Flybar Foam Master Pogo only be used by riders weighing between 80 and 180 pounds. So, while this pogo stick might be great for young riders, Father may not be able to ride the Foam Master unless he weighs 180 lbs or less.

What makes the Flybar Foam Master pogo such a great pogo stick is that it is well-constructed, covered in safety foam, comes with a soft rubber tip so as to help the rider stay in control of the pogo stick while he or she is riding, and the foot pegs are wide enough that your average rider will have no problem staying in place on the pogo stick. The Flybar Foam Master Pogo is a great pogo stick for people looking to perform low to the ground, more technical pogo stick tricks.Plus, the Foam Master pogo is a relatively inexpensive pogo stick that almost anyone can afford.

Click here to purchase a Flybar Foam Master Pogo stick for yourself.

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