01 Aug 2014

Team X-Pogo Performs For America’s Got Talent

Watch as these four young athletes perform amazing pogo stick tricks on America’s Got Talent. The judges seemed to think pogo stick tricks were something worth of more attention, so does this mean that pogo sticking is going to become more popular in the future? It could happen? What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Also, do you know who the guy on the far right is? I just saw him perform at the Pogopalooza competition in Park City, Utah and he set the world record for the least number of jumps in a minute. It was very cool. If you know who he is, please let me know! Thanks.

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31 Jul 2014

Flybar Pogo Sticks

Flybar is the name of a company producing high-quality pogo sticks for the 21st century.

The original creator of the pogo stick was SBI Enterprises, which since first releasing the pogo stick in the year 1918 has sold millions of different pogo sticks. For more than 80 years, the pogo stick design remained princiaply the same. That is, until the year 2000, when inventor and physicist Bruce Middleton approached SBI Enterprises and told them he had a design for a new pogo stick that would revolutionize the definition of the modern-day pogo stick.

Bruce Middleton’s design for the modern-day pogo stick would replace the traditional spring-loaded metal rod with a series of rubber spring elements, which would transform the traditional pogo stick of days gone by into a high-flying modern-day sport.

Soon after Middleton and SBI Enterprises teamed up, they brought on eight-time World Cup champion skateboarder, Andy Macdonald, to help market and promote the new pogo stick design. A lifelong fan of pogo sticks and pogo stick tricks, Andy figured that if someone was going to revolutionize the classic pogo stick toy, he had better make sure he was a part of the project so he could make sure the new design was built to his exact specifications.

Since then, Andy, Bruce and SBI Enterprises have been working together to build the Flybar pogo stick line. The Flybar 800 pogo stick was one of their first mass-market pogo sticks that sold incredibly well and continues to sell very well, even to this day. Now, however, the Flybar line has introduced their latest product, the Flybar 1200, which weighs an additional seven pounds and is capable of launching its rider more than five feet into the air.

Flybar really is reinventing the pogo stick. They’ve not only created a line of products that bring a totally new meaning to the pogo stick, but they are creating a sport, a lifestyle and a brand from the world of high-flying pogo sticks.

The Flybar website is a great place to get started when learning more about the Flybar name, pogo sticks, and additional pogo stick tricks. If you are looking for an incredible, high-flying pogo stick capable of big air and crazy technical pogo stick tricks, then Flybar pogo sticks is the product you want to get.

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30 Jul 2014

Pogo Hopper – Pogo Moon Hopper

You probably had one of these toys when you were younger. I know I did!

The Pogo Hopper (also called the pogo Moon Hopper) is an inexpensive plastic toy that your child sits or stands on as they casually hop about. When I was a kid, we used to called them “Moon Bouncers”.

The Pogo Hopper sells for about $16 USD and with it, y our kids simply jump on top and slowly jump about while trying to keep their balance. The jumping motion of the toy is why it is called the “Popo Hopper”.

Click here to purchase a Pogo Hopper right now.

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29 Jul 2014

Pogo Stick Toys

Are pogo sticks just a silly toy? In the past, pogo sticks were nothing but children’s toys, but since the pogo stick was reinvented, allowing for xtreme height and incredible stunts, the pogo stick is no longer considered a toy to many up and coming pogo stick athletes.

While many of the pogo sticks you see featured on this website are designed to b nothing more than toys for young children, there are also a whole host of pogo sticks now being produced for the professional world of pogo stick tricks.

Pogo stick toys were popular in the past, but how will they perform in the future? As more and more advanced pogo sticks break into the marketplace, will buys begin to stop seeing pogo sticks as silly little toys for children, and start seeing pogo sticks as high-perormance, high-flying stunt machines made or professitional pogo athletes?

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about the future of pogo stick toys.

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28 Jul 2014

Pogo Sticks For Adults

When it comes to finding a pogo stick made for adults, there are several things to consider.

Weight is the main issue when it comes to finding adult pogo sticks. Some pogo sticks are made for children and are not made to support the weight of a full-size adult. Other pogo sticks are made for both children and adults and can support the weight of individuals whose weight might vary dramatically. Other pogo sticks are designed specifically for the adult market and some of these sticks are designed to support pogo stick riders who weight as much as 220 pounds.

Finding pogo sticks for adults can be difficult, but below you will find three of the best pogo sticks on the market that are designed to carry the weight of a full-blown adult pogo stick athlete.

FlyBar Foam Master Pogo Stick

The Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick is a basic traditional pogo stick capable of supporting adult pogo stick riders who weight 160 pounds or less. I know many adults weight a lot more than this, so this may not be the best pogo stick for most adults, but it can be used by those adults on the lower end of the weight spectru. Some better pogo sticks for adults can be found below.

Super Pogo 1505 Pogo Stick

When it comes to adult pogo sticks, the Super Pogo 1505 pogo stick is a great technical pogo stick made for adults. This pogo stick is designed for the teenage and adult market and can therefore support pogo stick athletes who weight between 120 and 210 pounds. When it comes to pogo sticks for adults, the Super Pogo 1505 is an excellent choice!

Flybar Super Pogo 2

Another great pogo stick for adults is the Flybar Super Pogo 2. This high-flying, yet still somewhat technical pogo stick can support adult riders weighing between 100 and 200 pounds. Click here to get more info on the Super Pogo 2.

Flybar 800 Pogo Stick

Finally, this article about pogo sticks for adults wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Flybar 800. The Flybar 800 pogo stick is one of the best adult pogo sticks in the entire world. Capable of launching adult pogo stick riders more than 4 feet into the air, the Flybar 800 is one adult pogo stick you simply can not overlook.

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