31 Jan 2015

Pogo Stick Tricks – YouTube

Here at PogoTricks.com, we’ve posted a ton of the best pogo stick trick videos from YouTube. If you are looking for pogo stick tricks from YouTube you are in the right place. Not only have we posted a bunch of YouTube pogo stick videos in the past, but we plan to regularly post new pogo stick videos to the website on a regular basis. To make sure you get the latest pogo stick videos, be sure to sign up for our free pogo stick tricks email newslettter using the form on the left-hand side of the page. Or subscribe to the PogoTricks.com RSS feed to get all of our latest articles sent to your favorite RSS reader.

If you want to watch some YouTube pogo stick trick videos right now, here are a few to help you get started:

What pogo stick videos have you seen on YouTube that you really like? Have you ever tried to make your own YouTube pogo stick video?

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30 Jan 2015

Insane Pogo Stick Tricks

The Pogopalooza pogo stick competition brings together some of the best pogo stickers in the world. Check out this video and some of the insane pogo stick tricks that were recorded during the event. These pogo stick tricks are insane!

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29 Jan 2015

Pogo Stick Games

There are a number of games and competitions that pogo stick athletes particpate in. When it comes to competitions like the annual Pogopalooza, there are a number of pogo stick games that the athletes partake in. Some of these games include: Big Air, Technical Tricks, Best Trick, High Jump, Least Number Of Jumps In A Minute, and Most Number Of Jumps In A Minute.

Big Air

The Big Air competition is where pogo stick athletes jump around in a group while performing their most incredible big jumps and big air tricks and stunts. This is where some of the most impressive pogo stick tricks are performed and it is one of the favorite pogo stick games for spectators to watch.

Technical Tricks

The Technical Tricks competition is where pogo stick riders perform on smaller and more technical pogo sticks, while at the same time performing smaller but more intriquite pogo stick tricks. Grabs, grinds, and twists are some of the types of moves you can expect to see in a technical pogo stick game.

Best Trick

This game is pretty self-explanatory. In this competition, pogo stick athletes jump about while trying to perform the best trick or stunt in the group. Performing the best trick is one of the most coveted pogo stick games at each year’s pogo stick competition.

High Jump

The high jump is another fun pogo stick game to watch and enjoy. In this competition, a bar is set up at a particular height and pogo stick athletes attempt to jump over it. The bar is usually set at 5 feet to start and then it slowly goes up from there. As of this writing, the highest anyone has ever jumped on a pogo stick at a high jump competition is 9 feet 6 inches.

Least Number Of Jumps

In this fun pogo stick game, the pogo stick athletes attempt to perform a series of high jumps that will enable them to perform the least number of jumps in a minute. The least number of jumps you can perform, the better you are at the game. As of this writing, the record for the least number of jumps in a minute is 39.

Most Number Of Jumps

Very much like the pogo stick game above, this pogo stick competition is somewhat of its opposite. In this pogo stick game, competitors ride smaller, more technical pogo sticks and attempt to jump as many jumps as they can in a single minute. You don’t want to get a lot of air in this pogo stick game, because the higher you jump, the fewer jumps you will be able to perform.

These are just some of the pogo stick games that are currently being played. What other pogo stick games do you know about? If you could play any pogo stick game, which game would it be?

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28 Jan 2015

Pogo Stick World Record – High Jump

What is the post stick world record for the high jump?

Well, the record changes all the time, but as of this writing, the pogo stick world record for the high jump is 9 feet 6 inches. The record was set by Dan Mahoney at the Pogopalooza 7 pogo stick competition in Salt Lake City, Utah. The video above shows Dan using his Flybar 1200 pogo stick to jump over a bar set a nine feet six inches and break the world record for the highest jump ever performed on a pogo stick.

Compare this video to just three years ago (2007) when Fred Grzybowskiset the pogo stick world record for the highest jump at just 7 feet six inches. Over the past three years, a total of 2 additional feet has been added to the record. Just imagine where we might be in another three years?

Do you think you could break the pogo stick world record for the highest jump on a pogo stick? How high do you think pogo stick athletes will be jumping in three to five years? My guess is that we will see a pogo sticker jump more than 12 feet into the air at some point in the very near future?

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27 Jan 2015

Flybar 800 – Pogo Stick Review

The Flybar 800 is the first of Flybar’s high-lying pogo sticks. The Flybar 800 is a 13 pound pogo stick with a potential jumping height of 4 feet or more – depending on how much you weight and how athletic you are. You can get a lot higher than 4-feet if you really try.

The Flybar 800 is a pogo stick designed for riders age 12 and up. Even adults can use this incredible high-flying pogo stick. The Flybar 800 has a recommended weight range of 80-180 pounds, meaning that if you weigh over 180 pounds you probably need to upgrade to the Flybar 1200 pogo stick, which is capable of carrying riders who weight in excess of 180 pounds.

The Flybar 800 pogo stick is unique in that unlike traditional pogo sticks which are designed with a long steel rod that extends from the top of the stick to the bottom and is covered with a large metal spring that provides the jumping platform, the Flybar 800 is designed with a series of rubber spring elements, which is how this pogo stick gets its supernatural height. The Flybar 800, because of its unique design, really is the first pogo stick designed for the 21st century pogo stick athlete. The Flybar 800 is the pogo stick that transformed pogoing from a silly backyard toy into a modern, high-flying sport.

The Flybar 800 works to launch you so high up into the air because it is made with a series of rubber “thruster” rods, which are designed to stretch up to 300% each and every time your pogo stick comes into contact with the ground. This extreme stretch in the rubber bands is what allows the pogo stick to fly up to 4 feet or more in the air. And best of all, the rubber thruster bands on the Flybar 800 can be fine-tuned to reflect any jumper’s skill level. So, if you are just starting out, you can adjust the rubber bands so that they won’t throw you quite as far up into the air. But after you get some practice and become really good at using your Flybar 800, you can quickly and easily adjust the Flybar 800′s rubber thrusters so that they will launch you as high as humanly possible. This is an incredible feature and not something you will find on traditional pogo sticks. This is just part of what makes the Flybar 800 so magnificent and professional.

In addition to being super fun to ride, the Flybar 800 us a great pogo stick toy that can be used to build balance, strength and endurance. Using a Flybar 800 as part of your workout regimine is a truly fun, inspirational and challenging workout.

The Flybar 800 is constructed of high-strength, reinforced aluminum and it features sure-grip handlebars and foot pegs that let you stick every bounce perfectly.

Designed for pogo stick riders age 12 and up, the Flybar 800 is one of the most popular and highly-recommended pogo sticks in the world.

Click here to get a Flybar 800 for yourself!

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