22 Aug 2014

Pogo Sticks – Walmart

Your local Walmart very well may carry a complete line of pogo sticks. The unfortunate truth, however, is that many Walmart stores only carry one or two different pogo sticks and therefore do not necessarily give you the best choice when it comes to which pogo stick you should buy. My recommendation is that rather than going to your local Walmart and trying to hunt down a pogo stick in the store, that you simply order your pogo stick online and have it shipped to your house.

If you really want to order your pogo stick from Walmart, but you can’t actually find the pogo stick you want in stock at your local Walmart store, you can order the pogo stick of your choice from the Walmart website. They will then either deliver the pogo stick to your house (for an additional fee) or you can order the pogo stick from Walmart and have them deliver it to your local Walmart for you to go an pick up once it arrives. Either way, this is how you find a pogo stick at Walmart.

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21 Aug 2014

Pogo Stick Faceplant

Watch as this guy jumping up and down on a pink pogo stick does a complete face-plant in front of his friends. This is not the kind of pogo stick trick you want to perform!

This video was first seen on Fail Blog.

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20 Aug 2014

Animusic Pogo Sticks

Animusic is the name of a series of videos featuring a bunch of animated musical that dance and bounce around the screen while playing alone to impressive MIDI music tracks.

The video you see above features 5-7 musical instruments mounted on rolling pogo sticks, rolling through a city of blocks and bridges.

To see all the videos in the Animusic line, be sure to pick up the 2-part DVD set, now available at Amazon.com.

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19 Aug 2014

Pogo Stick Tricks – YouTube

Here at PogoTricks.com, we’ve posted a ton of the best pogo stick trick videos from YouTube. If you are looking for pogo stick tricks from YouTube you are in the right place. Not only have we posted a bunch of YouTube pogo stick videos in the past, but we plan to regularly post new pogo stick videos to the website on a regular basis. To make sure you get the latest pogo stick videos, be sure to sign up for our free pogo stick tricks email newslettter using the form on the left-hand side of the page. Or subscribe to the PogoTricks.com RSS feed to get all of our latest articles sent to your favorite RSS reader.

If you want to watch some YouTube pogo stick trick videos right now, here are a few to help you get started:

What pogo stick videos have you seen on YouTube that you really like? Have you ever tried to make your own YouTube pogo stick video?

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18 Aug 2014

Pogo Sticks For Children

The following is a list of recommended pogo sticks for children:

Pogo sticks for children is a great way for children of all ages to get some exercise, have some fun, and play outdoors. When it comes to pogo sticks for children, the pogo sticks listed above are some of the best in the world.

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